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Hannah Jinx and legendary Hip Hop group Naughty by Nature teach you the Japanese word for “nature!”

Miss Hannah Minx – Dance Performance (Episode 5) – D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

Hannah Minx falls under a spell for her performance with Anze Skrube, but will she mesmerize the celebrity judges and make it into the next round? Watch this fun performance full of magic and chair tricks!

Watch the full performances and CAST YOUR VOTE on the DanceOn Channel through Wednesday, November 7! You can vote 1 time per contestant per day. Tell us in the comments which performance was YOUR favorite! Did you agree with the judges’ opinions?

In Dance Showdown, 12 YouTube stars train and perform with 4 professional dancers in front of 3 celebrity judges and a global voting audience for the chance to win Dance Glory and $100,000!

Miss Hannah Minx and Cassandra Peterson (Elvira Mistress of the Dark) teach you the word for EVIL at Comikaze Expo.

Miss Hannah Minx and Lou Ferrigno teach the Japanese word for “Strong!”

Check out all the awesome cosplay, mina-san!! There are tons of great pics from NYCC. =^.^=

Come say hi to Jinx and Minx at New York Comic Con! Booth #868! And enjoy this Jinxy JWOW where Hannah Jinx teaches the word for “rain,” which is “Ame.” The kanji for Ame is pretty cool because it looks like Ame! (雨)

Join Hannah JINX and Mike Song in this JINXY JWOW Dance Edition (With Naruto Cosplay)! A Jonin from the leaf village shows his Dance Jutsu moves to Gaara of the Sand.